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Non-Destructive Testing

Part inspection via non-destructive testing (NDT) is an important method to determine if the item involved is airworthy and ready for safe use within the aircraft, component assembly or engine part. Because of its very nature, the aviation industry demands a high degree of safety and reliability. NDT is a science and technology, which allows examination of structural members in such a manner that the integrity can be determined without disturbing the present condition.

Once the aircraft, part or component is placed in service, vibrations, structural load stress, temperature and humidity variations can induce defects/discontinuities, too small to be seen, which will continue to grow in size. The aircraft and/or engine NDT inspector must be equipped with the means to detect these flaws in their earliest stages so they can be eliminated or repaired before it results in a complete structural failure. This type of testing is referred to as in-service NDT.

Mavi Gök Airlines gives services by request to our customers such as Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT), Magnetic Particle Testing (MT), Eddy Current Testing (ET) and Ultrasonic Testing (UT) methods on aircraft, component and engine hardware services within the requirements of EN 4179 & NAS 410 / EASA Part145 / SHY 145 / 14 CFR Part 145 / SHT-NDT and Turkish Aerospace NDT Board (NANDTB-TR). Mavi Gök Airlines NDT activities are performed by authorized NDT Level II & Level III Staff.

Type of
Method Employed
Liquid Penetrant Testing
Detection of surface cracks in all metals, castings, forgings, and machined parts.
Simple to use, accurate, fast. Easy to interpret.
Defect must be open to surface and accessible to operator. Defect may be covered by smeared metal. Part must be cleaned before and after check.
Magnetic Particle Testing
Detection of surface or near surface discontinuities in ferromagnetic materials of any shape or heat treat condition.
Simple in principle, easy, portable, fast. Method is positive.
Parts must be cleaned before and demagnetized after check. Magnetic flux must be normal to plane of defect to yield indication.
Eddy Current Testing
Detection of surface discontinuities in metallic surfaces, crack, pits inter-granular corrosion, and heat treat condition. Conductivity measurement for determining fire damaged area.
Useful for checking attachment holes for cracks not detectable by visual or penetrant methods. Fast, sensitive, portable.
Sensitive to combinations and variations in material. Special probes required for each application.
Ultrasonic Testing
Detection of surface and sub- surface discontinuities, cracks and flaws in most metals by pulse echo techniques.
Fast, dependable, is easy to operate. Results are immediately known.
Crack plane orientation must be known to select wave mode to be used. Reference Standards required establishing instrument sensitivity.

NDT Training

Mavi Gök Airlines will have the authorization very soon to provide NDT training.

Application Process

Your all request should be sent to the Technical Contracts Department to apply Nondestructive Testing (NDT) consultancy requests at Mavi Gök Airlines.

Please email to [email protected] and we will be pleased to discuss your requirements.