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Continuing airworthiness management CAM services

Mavi Gök Airlines is an approved CAMO (Approval No: TR.MG.130)(Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization) organization provides customized solutions to manage airworthiness for aircraft owners and provide all procedures necessary for the overall level of safety, as required by EASA and operator’s authority.

Our CAMO team is expert handling the complexities of airworthiness management combined with the latest technologies.

  • Develop and control the Aircraft Maintenance Programme (AMP),
  • Develop and control an applicable reliability programme according to the aircraft maintenance programme,
  • Present the AMP and its amendments to the operator’s authority for approval,
  • Manage the approval of modifications and repairs,
  • Ensure that Critical Design Configuration Control Limitations (CDCCL) are taken into account,
  • Ensure that all maintenance is carried out in accordance with the approved AMP and released in accordance with the EASA Part-145 requirements,
  • Ensure that all applicable Airworthiness Directives (AD) and operational directives with a continuing airworthiness impact are applied,
  • Ensure that all defects discovered during scheduled maintenance or reported are corrected by an appropriately approved AMO,
  • Ensure that the aircraft is taken to an appropriately approved AMO whenever necessary,
  • Coordinate scheduled maintenance, the application of airworthiness directives, the replacement of service life limited parts, and component inspections to ensure the work is carried out properly,
  • Manage and archive all continuing airworthiness records and/or operator’s technical log,
  • Ensure that the mass and balance statement reflects the current status of the aircraft,
  • Provide and manage any type of engineering analysis or projects related to the continuing airworthiness of managed aircraft,
  • Perform aircraft inspections,
  • Monitor and manage the delivery or redelivery projects